Wednesday, April 3, 2013


 Headache isn't it because of having huge eye bags and dark circles ?

--- Drink plenty of water during the night ?
--- 晚上喝过量的水 ?

--- Cry during the night ?
--- 晚上时哭吗

--- late going to bed ?
--- 熬夜吗

--- Tired eyes ?
--- 眼睛疲累 ?

White panda gel eye masks can help you :)
白色熊猫凝胶眼膜可以帮你消除眼袋 :)

 Besides , instead of eye bags of course we always wanted to have a pair of eyes without dark circles under our eyes .
此外 , 除了眼袋 ,当然我们也想没有深深的黑眼圈在我们的眼睛下面。

p/s : 

1. Gel masks can take longer time to moisture our skin more than usual disposal masks . Hence , you can apply 15-20 minutes or more than that. But don't take too long of time .

2. Secondly , don't apply your gel masks too close to your eyes until on your lower lashes or too far from your eyes .

3. Have your eye masks before 12am , for better results apply your eye mask at least 2 times or more in a week.

请注意 : 

1. 凝胶面膜比起普通的面膜可以用稍微长久的时间滋润我们的肌肤。因此, 您可以敷大约15-20分钟甚至更长久。不过也别太久哦

2. 别敷面膜太近直到在你的下眼睫毛或也不能敷离你的眼睛太远.

3. 最好在临晨12点之前敷面膜 ,要更佳的效果您至少在一个星期里敷面膜2次或以上。

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